10 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

The world we live in today is full of competition, survival, and chaos. We care for our dreams, our big goals, and our showoffs in everyday survival, but what we tend to forget is our basic needs. Human basic needs are food, water, air, shelter, love, and affection. If I ask you how many times did you say I love myself. Many of you will say maybe never, some of you will say that "it's selfish," and some will say, "it doesn't really matter." Honestly, I say it matters a lot to express your likeness for self; if you do not love who you are, how can you share your best with the world? We all are born as unique individuals as such, and no two DNAs are identical unless it's the same individual. Based on each of us has unique qualities, we can contribute significantly to the world we live in.

If I tell you to do certain things that will make you happy, that will be a lie. I am no expert in your life or how you should live your life. Each of us has a certain rhythm, specific experiences, and individual emotional balance in life, and that balance at times weakens after and during uncomfortable, unexpectable life situations. However, there are few things that any one of us can do to bring that balance back and learn to love oneself. Try these few steps at your own pace and experience the difference.

1. You deserve a good night's sleep, so get at least 7 -8 hrs of sleep each night.

2. When you wake up int he morning, say "Thank You for life" to "God" if you believe in God and to nature "mother earth" if you a believer of nature/science.

3. Take 3 Deep Breaths after you get out of bed before you start your day.

4. Eat Breakfast in the morning (essential basic need for body and brain).

5. Keep Yourself well hydrated throughout the day- Drink 6-8 glass of water every day.

6. Try not to skip your meal, even if you are very busy. Yes, your work needs to be done, but you need a well-functioning brain and body.

7. Do one little thing that brings a smile on your face. It can be your hobby like exercise, listening to music, talking to your favorite person, playing sports or games, sitting outside, and sipping your favorite flavor of coffee, tea, or any drink. Practice each day around the same time to make it a habit).

8. Reflect on your day before going to bed. You can talk to someone or write.

9. Retake three breaths to link your three-morning ones.

10. Have a peaceful sleep!!

These ten steps are just recommendations, and results could vary from person to person. Sometimes you may need clinical support to reflect on things you might experience due to achieving clarity after learning to love yourself. Life is indeed beautiful and loving on self is "The Basic Needs" to see life's beauty.

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